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"Non abbiamo la pretesa di essere i primi,
ma viviamo nella certezza di non voler mai arrivare secondi."

C.I.M.E. S.r.l. was established as engineering firm at the end of 1983 and the next year, strong of years of experience gained from its sole director in another company, operating in the field of natural gas, is able to acquire a substantial portfolio of orders.
In the years, with progressive improvement plan, work continued with greater intensity and established relations of trust with the Metano Città S.p.A.  today Italgas, and later with Snam S.p.A., allowing the company to consolidate in years and implement a strategy of presence throughout the country.
Upon completion of the business infrastructure for gas distribution is undertaken in collaboration with multinational companies in the oil sector the construction and operation of gas distribution, LPG with the Italian Elf Gas and Agip Gas and natural gas company with Enel Distribuzione Gas. In recent years the company has implemented, in addition, a successful policy of expansion in major growth areas of telecommunications and district heating, working with companies like E-Street, Sielte, Alpitel, Fastweb, Edisontel, Acea Light Sielte (work for Telecom Italia S.p.A.), SITE S.p.A., Orion, Aster S.p.A., Gemma Plant (construction firefighting equipment - work Anas). The evolution and experience helped define goals and consequently acts to optimize the service. This result also demonstrated by obtaining certification of quality system in relation to the UNI EN ISO 9002 in February 2000 and in March of 2003, the new certification under the UNI EN ISO.

The C.I.ME. S.r.l., registered in the National BUILDERS 20/03/86 by following the Presidential Decree No. 34/2000, which was abolished with the said register and instituted a new system of qualification of Companies, has obtained the qualification certificate issued by the execution of public works EUROSOA SpA on 22.12.2001 for the categories and classifications listed below:

Category OG3

Rank V

€ 5.164.569,00

Category OG6

Rank VII

€ 15.493.707,00

Category OS19 

Rank II

€ 516.456,00


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